J'ai nommé un album du nom d'une ville au Danemark qui contient un caractère non apprécié par iPhoto : Århus.

Solution (article du forum apple) :

Cannot synch 60GB iPod 5th Gen with iPhotos library

Posted:Mar 19, 2006 11:32 AM by David Mackler

Okay, I seem to have sorted it out, at least for my case, without having to import the entire photo library to a new account or library.

I had an inspiration, and ran xmllint on the AlbumData.xml file in the iPhoto Library folder. It showed a few "unexpected end of file error" messages midway through the file. I inspected the file, and there were control-D characters in the names of some of my photos. Specifically, "Petrified Forest" had embedded control-D's for a bunch of the photos.

I changed the name to "Petrified Forest" using the batch change option, being very careful to type the name without any control characters. Bingo! iTunes saw the albums again and syncing went perfectly with my iPod Photo.

Clearly, there is a bug in iPhoto that even lets one embed control characters, and another in iTunes which chokes on those characters, even as the media browsers in other i-apps have no problem. Until Apple repairs iPhoto, here are the basic steps to resolve this problem. Note that I did a bunch of trial-and-error before I arrived at the root cause and repaired it, but I believe it should work.

Basic steps:

  1. Make a safe copy of the AlbumData.xml file
  2. Launch Terminal
  3. "cd" to your iPhoto Library folder
  4. Execute the following command: "xmllint AlbumData.xml"
  5. If everything is okay, it will spit out a huge amount of output, basically the entire formatted output of the rather large AlbumData.xml file.
  6. If there is a problem, it will spit out the line number and some content indicating the *first* error it found.
  7. Use your favorite text editor (vi, TextWrangler, BBEdit, what-have-you) to examine that line. It should contain the name of an album, roll, or photo.
  8. Using iPhoto, rename or batch rename the errant album, roll, or photos.
  9. Verify in iTunes that you've solved it.HTH,David

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