Après deux tentatives, qui échouèrent (installation bloquée à 15% pendant le message "harware detection"), j'ai dû sortir le joker : la recherche google.

Grâce à cette page, j'ai trouvé !

Il s'agit d'un pb de config : il faut attribuer 512Mo de RAM au maximum alors que j'avais configuré la RAM disponible à 800Mo. Bizarre, normalement "qui peut le plus peut le moins"...

Je recommence : erreur à nouveau "not enaugh disk place" : j'augmente la taille du disque virtuel à 3Go, et ça marche enfin !

Article en anglais :


I have tried everything. Nothing works. I have tried the live DVD, the live cd. Installing from the Live cd/dvd, installing before the live cd/dvd. Nothing works at all. Here are the settings I am using

5 GB Virtual HD 1GB RAm Booting to CD-ROM/HD/Floppy

Please, can someone help me. I have tried 2 other distros, SUSE and FC5. SUSE wont install because it says it is missing the software, and FC5 installs without errors but won't run from the virtual HD. grrr, why does life hate me?

Solution :

I had the same problem on my MacBook Pro with 2 gigabytes of RAM.

There seems to be an issue concerning Ubuntu and/or parallels and how much RAM you give to the Ubuntu virtual machine. It looks like this problem may not effect everyone, but most people reporting installation problems with ubuntu over parallels seem to experience it.

Reducing the RAM allocated to the Ubuntu virtual machine to 512MB should fix the problem. If that doesn't work, try 256MB. I'm not sure why this problem exists, but it does seem to be a common issue, and hopefully parallels will have a solution out soon. Anyway, reducing the allocated RAM should get you past the Hardware detection and allow you to install.

I installed off a mounted (not burned) i386-desktop-live cd. When running the VM at 1024M or above, I'd get the stall at hardware detection, plus the power message on the live desktop, and the installer would hang at 15%. Reducing the RAM fixed everything.

Once installed, I tried boosting the RAM back up to 1024M, but got the same hardware detection stall, and the os wouldn't boot. Once or twice, I've had success with 1000M, but most times it would stall or would boot w/o a working network connection (no idea why...) Fortunately, 512M always works for me. Again, I'm not sure why this is, and hopefully Parallels will have a patch out soon that fixes this and any other problems with Ubuntu, but until then reduce the ram and hopefully things will light up.

Merci Google !